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Vaccination is one of the best methods of precautions taken to keep your pet away from diseases. Vaccination keeps your pet healthy and increases its immunity power to defend the viruses and the other sources of diseases.

Rabies: A fatal viral infection of the central nervous system that can affect all mammals including man. The virus is transmitted from animal to animal and animal to man primarily through the bite of infected animals. Routine vaccination is the key to controlling this dreaded disease.

Distemper (CDV): A widespread and often diseases which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, pneumonia and server brain damage.

Hepatitis (CAV-1, CAV-3): The cause of infection hepatitis and respiration infection respectively. VAv-1 virus produces severe damage to cell of liver. CAV-2 virus is part of kennel cough complex in dogs.

Leptospirosis: A bacterial infection which often leads to permanent kidney damage. It is very contagious and spread through contact with nasal secretions, urine of saliva of infected animals.

Coronavirus (CCV): a highly contagious viral infection of the gastrointesnnal tract which causes vomiting and diarrhea. Young puppies are particularity susceptible to this disease.
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