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Available Dogs
German Shepherd
With their unquestionable intelligence and unfailing loyalty, these handsome dogs make excellent pets, are very good with children and well to training. Height: 55.5-65cm, Weight 28-37 kg.
Price: NRS. 12000 /-
Spotty dalmations are the perfect companion dog. They are intelligent willing to please an have a friendly outgoing nature. Height: 56-61cm, Wight: 32kg.
Price: NRS. 17000/-
The boxer dispite its sad face, is a happy boisterous dog need lots of exercise. Height: 53-65 cm, Wright 25-32.
Price: NRS. 18000 /-
Unequalled as a guard dog aristocratic dog. The aristocratic Doberman is also fearless, hones and obedient. Height: 55-65cm, weight: 28-37kg.
Price: NRS. 16000/-
The pug originally from the Far East, is an extremely friendly dog with a affinity with children. Height: 12-15cm, weight: 5-10kg.
Price: NRS. 40000/-
Japanese Spitz
The Japanese Spitz is friendly face and thick white coat is said to carry in its heart the sprite of Christmas the whole year through. Height: 46-56cm, weight: 10-20kg.
Price: NRS. 6000/-
Queen Victoria loved these study little dogs. Pomeranian makes wonderful children pet. Height: 20-25cm, weight: 5-10kg.
Price: NRS. 20000/-
Labrador Retriever
Large fish from newfound land water. Labrador is renowned for their docile and reliable nature. Height: 61-68/cm, weight: 25-30kg.
Price: NRS. 12000/-
Great Dane
The Great Dane is spirited and courageous, yet gentle and very fond of children. Its long legs need room to gallop. Height: 71-76cm, weight: 46-54kg.
Price: NRS. 40000/-
Cocker Spaniel
The American version of the cocker spaniel has a luxurious long coat and a haooy go luck disposition. Height: 58-59 cm, weight: 20-26 kg.
Price: NRS. 15000/-
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